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Emergency services

Services Phone
Fire service of regional department of emergency situations 101
police 102
emergency medical service 103
Emergency service of gas 104
Emergency service housing and communal services 115
Emergency service power supply network



Order taking for repair of phones and radio receiving stations 108
exact time service 188
Help service on phone numbers 109
Help service on codes of the cities 153
Help bus station of Brest   8-0162-23-81-42
Bus station Mr. Kamenets 2-12-67
Bus station of Vysokoye 7-12-08
Help railway station of the city of Brest 8-0162-27-32-77
Help railway station "Vysoko-Litovsk" 75-1-84
Accident ward of regional hospital 23-0-40
Registry of district clinic 2- 15-35
Registry of city hospital of.Vysokoye 71-4-50
Kamenetsky regional central drugstore 2-10-03