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The project "Gaynovka - Kamenets. We get acquainted and we cooperate"

From June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 in the Kamenetsky area and in Gaynovka was carried out the microproject "Gaynovka - Kamenets. We get acquainted and we cooperate". As the applicant of the project Gmina of Mr. Gaynovk (Republic of Poland) has acted. The department of education, sport and tourism of Kamenetsky district executive committee became the partner of the microproject from the Belarusian side. The project for 90% was financed by means of the Program of cross-border cooperation Poland – Belarus – Ukraine for 2007 - 2013. A financial component of the microproject – 49 600 Euros

Strengthening of cross-border cooperation in the territory of Evroregion "Bialowieza Forest" became the main direction of this microproject.


О микропроекте «Гайновка - Каменец. Мы знакомимся и сотрудничаем»

The favorable arrangement of regions near a dense forest, with beautiful landscapes, creates convenient conditions for social and economic development, and also for tourism and rest. Strengthening of cooperation and exchange of experience between local authorities became the main objectives of the microproject.

Within the project in the Kamenetsky area and Gaynovke study tours in September - October, 2014 and March-April, 2015 were carried out. In total about 2 two-day trips to Gaynovka and on Kamenetchina have been carried out. About 20 people participated in each such study tour (on 10 people from each party). In the course of trips there was an exchange of experience between the Polish and Belarusian authorities by acquaintance with the main objects in areas of municipal services, housing construction, culture, social help, education, sport and tourism.

Advance and development of tourist capacity of the cities of Gaynovka and Kamenets, and also Evroregiona "Bialowieza Forest" became one of priorities of the microproject. Priorities and activities on implementation of the project have been considered in the course of carrying out 2 sessions of the three-day strategic seminars organized in of Gaynovk in February, 2015. 25 people have participated in seminars. Representatives of tourist branch (the businessmen, subjects offering tourist services), representatives of bodies of self-managements, non-governmental organizations became participants of seminars with Polish and the Belarusian of the party. During seminars the directions of tourist activity, and also the offer on creation of advertizing and development of a tourist product of a border-zone were discussed.

That participation in seminars was more attractive, for their participants the gift packages consisting of the materials prepared for needs of the microproject (a puzzle for adults, ecological bags, handles, sweets) which have been presented to participants of seminars have been prepared.

Creation of the official tourist Internet portals with an interactive map of the district and sights of the region with introduction of system of display of video records in the mode "online" became one more considerable stage in life of the project.

Have been created and already the Internet portals "Kamenetchina Tourist" ( and "tourist Gaynovka" function ( They are the hallmark of the regions which were taking part in the project, the main source of information search about the tourist capacity of regions. On these websites it is possible to find information on sights of Mr. Gaynovk and the Kamenetsky area, other information, useful to tourists, creating conditions for high-quality rest. On pages of these websites there is a gallery of photos, the Internet-application "Virtual walk around the city" and service of online chambers on the chosen sights of the cities is introduced.

During implementation of the project about 1000 copies of the albums containing information on tourist sights of Mr. Gaynovk and the Kamenetsky area have been published. Further reprinting of albums is planned, and it will be multiplicative effect of the microproject.

For the purpose of informing the population and guests of the Kamenetsky area in various parts of our region information stands "Kamenetchina Tourist" have been filled.

In confirmation of the current cooperation and its strengthening within implementation of the microproject the memorable sculptures in Gaynovke and Kamentsa (at the museum "Kamenetsky Tower") displaying history and traditions of two regions have been established.

The microproject is complete, but already today, thanks to the events held within this microproject, negotiations on cooperation of various structures and the organizations of the Kamenetsky area and the Gaynovsky povyat, including within future projects which financing will be carried out at the expense of means of the Program of cross-border cooperation Poland – Belarus – Ukraine for 2014 - 2020 are conducted.