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Famous people of the area


Educator, publicist and politician of the 18th century, the professor of Krakovskoy and Vilensky academy, passionate propagandist of ideas of the French educators and materialists. Actively he fought against a serfdom. He fought for independence of Poland. Actively he participated in revolt of 1794 which was directed by T. Kosciusko. He was a part of the Lithuanian insurgent government. He directed creation of a network of national schools in Lithuania and Belarus. M. Karpovich author of the 2-volume legend (1776-1778g.g.), in which sharply he condemned cruelty of landlords, he defended idea of equality of all sectors of society, I claimed that "lackeys" have created the first civilizations.


One of heads of revolt 1863-1864g.g. in Poland and Lithuania. He was born in Shestakovo's manor in a family of the impoverished gentleman renting the earth at the general Alberg. In 1844-1862g.g. he served in the Russian army. In 1854-1855 he participated in defense of Sevastopol. he have retired in the lieutenant colonel's rank, there lived in a manor the Island of the Kobrinsky povet. In April, 1863 he have joined the ranks of the insurgents fighting against national oppression of the Russian tsarism. He have shown as the talented commander. After defeat of insurgents has been arrested by forces of imperial army and under sentence of military court has been hung up in the Warsaw citadel.


Famous theatrical figure, writer, honored worker of arts.He was born in the village Bushmichi of the Verkhovichsky Village Council in the peasant poor's family. In 1943-1945 – the theater director of a name Ya. Kolos, 1945-1947 – the BSSR State opera and ballet theater, 1947-1951 - the Belarusian theater of Ya. Kupala, 1951-1955 – the head of department of theaters of the Ministry of Culture of BSSR, 1955-1966 – the head of the Belarusian republican theater of the young viewer, 1966-1971 – the vice-chairman of presidium of the Belarusian theatrical association. Author of plays "Ways", "Fountain", "Three Crosses", books "Ways of the Belarusian Theatre", "Concerning Sensitive Strings of Soul", "Theatre and Time".


Belarusian artist. He have graduated from Academy of Arts in Leningrad. Civic consciousness, expressiveness of images, clarity of composite decisions, ability to transfer modest beauty of the Belarusian nature is inherent in works of the artist. The most known works: "A flood plain of the river of Berezina", "An ice drift on Berezina", "In Bialowieza Forest there are Bisons", "Shoot, don't feel sorry for us!". In the state art museum of Minsk there are 16 works of the artist.


Historian, public figure, first president of Academy of Sciences of Belarus. I was born in the village Turners of the Ogorodniksky Village Council. I have written and has published about 30 books, articles, sketches on history of Belarus. These works were the strong base of the Belarusian historical science, have opened rich, heroic and distressful history of our republic. I have fallen a victim of Stalin repressions. Him is dear, famous person, the party and public figure, the famous scientist in the republic – have made the class enemy. Without having accepted charges and having lost faith in an opportunity to prove their groundlessness, V. M. Ignatovsky 2/4/1931 year was shot.


Belarusian poet, prose writer, translator, member of the Writers' Union of Belarus. I was born in the village of Zabolotye of the Kamenetsky area in a country family. Writes lyrical, publicistic and comic verses, baizes and parables, epigrams, verses and prose for children. Each his poetic collection – a particle of heart of the poet: "Bow", "Neighbourhood", "Silence price", "Light melody". V. Zhukovich's verses are translated into the Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish languages. Vladimir Bedulya (1928). Twice Hera of Socialist Work, honored worker of culture of Belarus. 50 years I directed in OTKZ APO Sovetskaya Belorussiya.