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Tourism and rest in the Kamenets district

Dear tourists!

We invite you to visit the "Brest" tourist zone. From January 1, 2018, the tourist zone "Brest" can be visited without a visa for a 10-day period. For this purpose you need:

  • The document certifying personality (passport);
  • Special tour confirmation document given by travel agencies;
  • Insurance policy.

Tourist zone "Brest" includes:

  • Brest city and Brest region;
  • Kamenets region;
  • Pruzhany region;
  • Zhabinka region.


You can buy a tour from certified tour operators. The list of tour operators and visiting rules can be found at http://tour.brest.by/tuoroperators.html.


In the north of the Brest region, at the border with Poland, the Kamenets district is located. This land has remembered Vitovta and Yagaylu, has kept unique historical and cultural monuments. It is famous for the unique nature. In the region there are 236 settlements in which more than 40 thousand people live. The Kamenets district traditionally enjoys popularity of those who choose rest in Belarus.

The most known architectural monuments: The Kamenets tower (1276), the Troitsk church in Volchin (1733) in which the last Polish king Stanislav Augustus Ponyatovsky was buried, palace and park ensemble of Sapegov-Pototsky in Vysokoye (1678-1680g.g.).

In the territory of the district there is the Public nature protection institution National park "Bialowieza Forest", the oldest reserve of Europe included in the list of the World heritage of mankind and having the status of the Biospheric reserve according to the decision of UNESCO, for safety of unique natural complexes it is awarded by the diploma of the Council of Europe.

The Kamenets district is formed on January 15, 1940. In modern borders it has developed in 1962. Its district – 1687 square kilometers. The center of the district – Kamenets.

Administratively the district is divided on 1 city (Vysokovsky) and 13 village councils which include 234 rural settlements.

The Kamenets district is agrarian. Primary branches of agriculture – meat and dairy animal husbandry, beet breeding, are grown up grain and forage crops, potatoes. The agro-industrial complex of the district includes 11 open joint stock companies.


States, in respect of the citizens which is established  visa-free entry and exit


1. Australia.
2. The Republic Of Austria.
3. The Republic Of Albania.
4. The Principality Of Andorra.
5. Antigua and Barbuda.
6. The Republic Of Argentina.
7. Barbados.
8. The Kingdom Of Bahrain.
9. The Kingdom Of Belgium.
10. The Republic Of Bulgaria.
11. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
12. Federative Republic Of Brazil.
13. The Republic Of Vanuatu.
14. The state of Vatican city.
15. United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.
16. Hungary.
17. The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam*.
18. The Republic Of Haiti*.
19. The Islamic Republic Gambia*.
20. The Federal Republic Of Germany.
21. The Republic Of Honduras*.
22. Hong Kong (Xianggang) special administrative region of the Chinese people's  Republic**.
23. The Hellenic Republic.
24. The Kingdom Of Denmark.
25. The Commonwealth Of Dominica.
26. The Republic Of India*.
27. The Republic Of Indonesia.
28. Ireland.
29. The Republic Of Iceland.
30. The Kingdom Of Spain.
31. The Italian Republic.
32. Canada.
33. The Republic Of Cyprus.
34. People's Republic Of China*.
35. The Republic Of Korea.
36. The State Of Kuwait.
37. The Republic Of Latvia***.
38. Lebanese Republic*.
39. The Republic Of Lithuania.
40. The Principality Of Liechtenstein.
41. The Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg.
42. Macau (Aomen) special administrative region of the Chinese people's
43. The Republic Of Macedonia.
44. Malaysia.
45. The Republic Of Malta.
46. The Order Of Malta**.
47. The United Mexican States.
48. The Federated States Of Micronesia.
49. The Principality Of Monaco.
50. Republic Of Namibia*.
51. The Kingdom Of The Netherlands.
52. The Republic Of Nicaragua.
53. New Zealand.
54. The Kingdom Of Norway.
55. The Sultanate Of Oman.
56. The Republic Of Panama.
57. The Republic Of Peru.
58. The Republic Of Poland.
59. The Portuguese Republic.
60. Romania.
61. Independent State Of Samoa*.
62. The Republic Of San Marino.
63. The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
64. The Republic Of Seychelles.
65. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
66. The Republic Of Singapore.
67. Slovak Republic.
68. The Republic Of Slovenia.
69. United States Of America.
70. Oriental Republic Of Uruguay.
71. The Republic Of Finland.
72. The French Republic.
73. The Republic Of Croatia.
74. Czech Republic.
75. The Republic Of Chile.
76. The Swiss Confederation.
77. The Kingdom Of Sweden.
78. The Republic Of El Salvador.
79. The Republic Of Estonia****.
80. Japan. 

* If you have a valid document for travel abroad valid multiple
visas of the member States of the European Union or of States parties to the Schengen zone with a mark of
the entrance to the territory of a member state of the European Union or States party to the Schengen
area and tickets with confirmed dates of departure from the National airport Minsk.
** Is not a state.
*** Including persons having status of non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia.
**** Including stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Estonia.